27 People Who Followed Instructions A Little TOO Literally

Some people tend to take things a little too literally, and literally following directions often leads to places the instructors never anticipated. Granted, many of the people in these scenarios knew exactly what they were doing, but it doesn’t make these follow instructions memes any less hysterical. Whether it’s literally following the instructions of cake decoration or taking literal directions from , people saw an opportunity, took it, and channeled it through their own sense of direction. In a world dominated by people who have a hard time comprehending even the simplest instructions, it’s good to know there are still humans who know not only how play by the rules, but bend them.

On The Write Track

A Truly Uplifting Experience

Following Thru

Curbside Service

Litter Critter

Blowing Smoke

Unicycle Thug Life

Quick To The Draw

Ask And You Shall Receive

Well, If You Insist

Watch Yourself

Duly Noted

Fall Guy

Crushing It

Just Doing What the Sign Says, Bro

Call Of Booty

Handstand And Deliver

I Need A Hero

Chairman Of The Board

The Best Of Both Worlds

Oh Deer

The Dark Side Of Portlandia

Twin Win

Out Of Touch

Kids These Days

The Color Purple