27 Reasons Why Grandpa Is The Best Texter

Though he may type with one finger and take an hour to respond to a simple question, if you have a texting grandpa, there’s probably no other texter in your life who can measure up. If you aren’t lucky enough to be a regular receiver of old people texts, don’t worry! We’ve gathered a collection of from grandpas that’ll have you considering buying Gramps a smartphone for Christmas.As you’ll see below, average texts from grandpa range from questions about slang to revelations about his dirty mind. Some of these texting grandfathers are too old for tact, and love to reminisce about everything from their cocaine-fueled youths to their long-lost sex lives. Other tech-savy granddads are still a little confused about you young whipper snappers and your YOLO and “Beyoncy.”


Gramps Is up for Getting Down

Just Checking In!

Grandpa Calls It Like He Sees It

Grandpa’s “Last Man Standing” Game Is Going Better Than Expected

Rock that Chair, Gramps!

This Future Grandpa May Not Be the Best Babysitter

Totally Better Than the Real Thing

Are Genital Follicles a Thing?

The Best Cure for Boredom

Grandpa Insists Some Things Aren’t Genetic

Gramps Longs for the Days When He Too Rode Dirty

Grandpa Proves That Laughter Is Contagious… in More Ways Than You Think

Ever Since Grandpa Got a Cell, He’s the Hippest Dude at Coffee Bean

Grandpa Ages Out of the Church Circuit

Tru Dat

Grandpa Laughs in the Face of His Tiny Text Keyboard

Grandpa Shows These Young Whipper Snappers How It’s Done

Grandpa Reminisces About the Good Ol’ Days

When You’re 85, You Abbreviate What You Want

Sometimes It’s Best Not to Ask…

No Selfie Stick Needed

Grandpa Either Hasn’t Figured Out the Keyboard or Is Just Texting Farts

What Grandpa Texts When He’s Waiting for Grandma

This Grandpa Is Chillin’ with His Homies at the Home

Grandpa Goes Gangnam Style

Grandpa Is Still Suspicious About That Beyoncy Girl

Grandpa Loves Tweeting