27 Shockingly Ungrateful Kids Who Complained About Christmas on Social Media

is a time for people to be thankful about their blessings. That is, unless you’re spoiled. If that’s the case, it’s a time to complain on Facebook and cuss out your parents. 

Ever year, is inundated with spoiled and ungrateful brats complaining about their Christmas gifts. These spoiled Christmas posts will make you angry, frustrated, and sad. Apologies if this in ruins the Christmas spirit.  Maybe after reading these spoiled Christmas posts, you’ll truly appreciate the true spirit of the season.


She Sees You When You’re Sleeping, She Knows When You’re on Facebook

To the Brat Goes the Spoils

All They Want for Christmas

The Naughty List

First World Kindle Problems

Throwing in the Parenting Towel

Because Brand New TV’s Suck

It’s the Holiday Suicide

Can You Hear Me Now?

License to Whine

Santa Claus Ain’t Coming to Your Town

Please Don’t Come Home for Christmas

Christmas Shaming

Unhappy Holidays

F This Guy

Thanks, Brian

Thinking of a Four-Letter Word for This One

Filing for Grandchild Divorce

If It’s Broke, They’ll Fix It

Lack of Christmas Vision

Well, Where Is It?

If the Shoe Fits…

Christmas Cooking

Worst. Christmas. Ever.

Presents of Mind


Santa’s Been a Bad Boy