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27 Times People Recreated Their Grandparents’ Photos

With the advent of social media, recreating vintage photos to share with the world has become a popular pastime. Recreating old photos is a great way to shed light on just how much the world has changed. Among families, placing pictures from the past and present side by side illuminates the power of genetics. This collection of people who have recreated their grandparents’ photos, oftentimes in the exact same locations, poses, or even clothing, show just how powerful heredity and the bonds of family can be.

These modern versions of grandparents’ pictures feature people from all different walks of life, from soldiers who trained at the same base as their grandfathers to women who could be their grandmother’s twin had they been born in the same era. This heartwarming journey through history honors the grandparents who helped shape their grandchildren into the people they are today.

These Two Look Uncannily Similar

The Genes Were Strong With This Guy’s Grandfather

A Family Who Fights Fires Together, Stays Together

Two Generations Of Video Game Players

A Man, His Dad, and His Grandpa, None of Whom Grew Up To Fear Heights

In The Streets Of France, 69 Years Apart

They Even Have The Same Taste In Cars

A Grandmother And Granddaughter Nearly A Century Apart

Just A Couple Of No-Shave November Participants

A Cricket Player’s Grandson Remade His Photos and Ads

They Trained In The Same Place, 100 Years Apart

Carrying On The Legacy

Like Grandfather, Like Grandson

You Go, Grill

A Grandmother And Her Granddaughter, Both Age 20

Two Hitotsubashi University Grads

A Woman and Her Boyfriend Recreate Her Grandparents’ Portrait From 1927

Same Jacket, Different Decades

The Exact Same Location On The Arno River In Florence, Italy

Father-Son Duos With Over 80 Years Between Them

World War II Vs. The Iraq War

Little Red Wagons Never Go Out Of Style

Boxing Was Passed Down Through The Years

This Librarian Used Her Grandmother As Fashion Inspiration

A Recreation Of Her Grandma’s Picture At St. Peter’s Square

Two Kisses In The Same Exact Location

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