27 Times Adults Played with Toys and Things Got Dirty

There’s a reason why most people stop playing with toys when they become adults, and you’re about to see some perfectly good examples of why this is true. Below you will find photos of toys in dirty and incredibly funny positions. If you have children, you’ll want to cover their eyes or ask them to leave the room before you start looking at these pictures so you don’t permanently damage their childhood. This is the Internet’s version of Toy Story gone bad, and this gallery is living proof that most adults never truly grow up. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, mind you. Honestly, these are some of the funniest pictures you’ll see all day, and truly show some imagination.

Avenger's Pub Crawl


Barbie’s Night Out

Hulk Smashed

GI Joe in the Wild

Lego My Husband

Buzzed Lightyear

Khaleesi’s Fun House

Office Party Barbie

Barbie Gone Wild

Legos After Dark

Tap Dat AT-AT

Home Is Where the Fart Is

What Happens in the Catina Stays in the Cantina

Stromtrooper Funeral

Kermit Goatse

There’s a Snake in My Pants!

Fast & Furious: Barbie Drift

Smurfette Getting Smurfed

Don’t Judge

Xena: Orgy Princess

Lego Men at Work

Leia’s Got Back

Star Wood

GI Hoes

Bear With Me

Playmobil Threesome