27 Times You’ve Seen Actors from Inside Amy Schumer Before

Before they wereĀ Inside Amy Schumer, these actors had other gigs. From high brow HBO series to the random and film day player roles, these fine thespians and comedians have two things in common: They can handle sharing the screen with Schumer and there was room in the budget to pay them.Ā Ā 

Some of theseĀ Inside Amy SchumerĀ actors are easily recognizable. When Tina Fey, Julia Louie-Dreyfus, and Patricia Arquette showed up for a sketch, it was the best. When Paul Giamatti, Jeff Goldblum, Dennis Quaid, Vincent Kartheiser, Kumail Nanjiani, John Hawkes, Chris Gehard, and Adrian Martinez said yes to Amy Schumer, they helped create one of the best sketches in the showā€™s history. Josh Charles had no problem showing up to spoof his Aaron Sorkin past.Ā Ā 

Among those on thisĀ Inside Amy SchumerĀ character list are actors weā€™ve seen onĀ Homeland,Ā Kick-Ass,Ā The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, andĀ One Life to Live. No matter their backround, one thing’s for certain: TheĀ Inside Amy SchumerĀ cast is crazy talented, and way more impressive than the roster of names you usually see on a silly Comedy Central show.Ā Ā 

The actors onĀ Inside Amy SchumerĀ have another thing in common. The characters they are chosen to play are surprising and often much different than their usual roles. Except for Paul Giamatti. Everyone knows heā€™d make a great God.Ā Ā 

Which of theseĀ Inside Amy SchumerĀ actors are your favorite? The famous types who got to get extra snarky? Or the comedians like Jon Glaser and Rachel Dratch who jump in whenever needed? Upvote your favoriteĀ Inside Amy SchumerĀ cast member.

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