15 Times Wild Animals Actually Saved Humans

When we think of wild animals, we generally consider one or two scenarios: increasing conflicts with them as humans encroach on the places they live and our response to the situation, or animal rescue missions to save them from a myriad of perils. There are many situations in which human beings need to solve the plight of an animal or go out on a limb to save their lives. These tales of rescue are often some of our favorite and most heartwarming animal stories.

However, what about when the tables have turned and a person finds themselves in harms way without help nearby? One would think a human could hardly count on the help of a wild animal to save their lives, but incredibly, it has happened. Dolphins, gorillas, lions… all have crossed the imaginary lines of what is expected from the animal kingdom and have displayed extraordinary humanity to perform amazing acts of courage and kindness. The fact that wild animals are also capable of compassion and understanding shouldn’t be too difficult to accept. Suspend your feelings of disbelief, and enjoy these inspirational and heroic true stories of wild animals saving humans!