56 Actually Funny Pranks That Will Make You Laugh

We’re all familiar with run of the mill pranks that aren’t funny and annoy everyone. Pranks like putting super glue on a toilet seat or filling your roommate’s shoes with paper aren’t just tired, they’re awful and everyone will think you’re a grandma if you go around pulling basic pranks like those for the rest of your life. We don’t know why such a large portion of the population can’t prank its way out of a paper bag, but we’ve put together a list of the best to do to help you get your head in the troll game. After perusing these funny prank ideas, the world will come to know your name and fear your epic pranking abilities. You’re welcome. How do you pull a great prank? What’s a great prank worth? Some pranksters spend thousands of dollars trying to pull one over on unsuspecting bystanders, while other mischief makers live by the adage, “the best things in life are free.” Among this gallery of photo evidence of the funniest pranks ever, you’ll find everything from harmless high school tomfoolery to subversive culture jamming. While the definition of prank may vary from person to person, we can all (hopefully) appreciate a good joke.

From funny pranks to do at home, to funny office pranks to pull on unsuspecting coworkers, after reading this list, you’re either going to move to the desert, whispering “trust no one” to yourself until you’ve left civilization in the rear view, or you’ll be inspired to troll everyone around you. Check out these devilishly delicious, actually funny, and (mostly) harmless pranks and upvote the most genius, and genuinely funny, prank ideas.
 Anybody with a sense of humor appreciates good pranks every now and then, but what about pranks gone wrong? They can range from hilarious to macabre, predictable to unthinkable. While scare pranks are generally the most likely to backfire (and possibly land someone a trip to the hospital), even some of the tamest pranks have the potential to go inexplicably wrong.

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