28 Brilliant Stranger Things Mashup Art Masterpieces

 is a true pop culture phenomenon that took the Internet by storm in 2016. Like every other thing that becomes an instant classic, the series inspired creative people all over the world to pay tribute with their talents. Have a look at these incredible pieces of Stranger Things fan art, and vote up the ones you love just as much as Eleven loves Eggos waffles. The Stranger Things mashup art on this list includes crossovers with Star Wars, Pokemon, and even Earthbound.

Where The Upside Ends

Where The Stranger Things Are

Demogorgon Days

Days Of Stranger Past

LucasArts Presents: Stranger Things

My Neighbor Demogorgon

Stranger Bros. 2

Eleven and Hobbes

The World Below

Gravity Falls

Players Manual

Stranger Peanuts

Strange And Unusual

Stranger Kids

Pixel Art


Book And Record Set

The Eggos for Breakfast Club

Trainer Things

Only On Atari

The Adventures Of Barb

John Carpenter’s The Stranger Thing

Disney’s StrangerTales

Stranger Wars


Gym Leader Eleven

Earthbound Mashup

Doctor Stranger Things