28 Celebrity Face Mashups That Will Blow Your Mind

If you’re looking for the best deal on celebrity faces per photo, you’ve come to the right gallery. This mind-blowing collection of celebrity face mashups and celebrity face combinations gives you two celebrity faces for the price of one photo; the results are jarring. You might call these face swap , but consider perhaps you are seeing your favorite actors in a new light. Someone thought these mashups would benefit somebody, and it’s your turn to decide how they make you feel. 

Some of these celebrity mashups are unseeable terrors, while others bear an uncanny resemblance to both actors. Act now, because disturbing face swaps like this don’t come along very often.


Megan Fox Meets Anglina Jolie

Taylor Swift Meets Emma Watson

Keira Knightley Meets Natalie Portman

Cameron Diaz Meets Mila Kunis

Natalie Dormer Meets Emma Watson

Heath Ledger Meets Tom Hardy

Elizabeth Olsen Meets Scarlett Johansson

Brad Pitt Meets Ethan Hawke

Arnold Schwarzenegger Meets Sylvster Stallone

Emma Stone Meets Bryce Dallas Howard Meets Kirsten Dunst

Chris Pine Meets William Shatner

Channing Tatum Meets Tom Hiddelston

George W. Bush Meets Barack Obama

Hugh Jackman Meets Michael Fassbender

Zooey Deschanel Meets Dave Chappelle

Martin Freeman Meets Benedict Cumberbatch

John Boyega Meets Oscar Issac

Nick Offerman Meets Chris Pratt

Will Smith Meets Laurence Fishburne

Tommy Lee Jones Meets Harrison Ford

Macklemorgan Freeman

James Mardsen Meets Vladimir Putin

Kanye West Meets Gabourey Sidibe

Steve Martin Luther King

Matthew Perry Meets Matt LeBlanc

Jeff Goldblum Meets Brendan Fraser

Conan O’Brien Meets Jay Leno

Patton Oswalt Meets Zach Galifiankakis

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