28 Connecting Tattoos That Are Even Better Together

There’s no better way to honor a friendship than by getting matching BFF tattoos. If you and your bestie are in it to win it, and plan to be the next tatted up Golden Girls, why not get some ink to commemorate your lifelong friendship? This list is full of creative matching tattoos that will connect you to your BFF for life. Nothing says “you’re my other half” than by getting inked with half of a tattoo that only becomes whole when the two of you are together. Some lone wolves on this list even got connecting tattoos that connect their own arms, legs, feet, or hands together!

This Beautiful Connecting Flower

This Beautiful Flower Hand Tattoo

This Mandala Arm Tattoo

This Intricate Connecting Geometric Design

This Mandala Hand Tattoo

This Vintage-Inspired Butterfly

This Awesome Dagger

This Foot Anchor Tattoo

Two Impressive Connecting Tats by Marco Galdo

This Honeybee Connecting Leg Piece

This Intricate Fractal by Jubss Lili Contraseptik

These Tin Can Telephone BFF Feet Tattoos

This Bridge Between Two Friends

This Rock and Roll Mandala Foot Tat

This Amazing Line Work

This Dotted Graphic Masterpiece

This Awesome Two Face Tattoo

This Awesome Geometric Pattern

This Connecting Lotus Thumb Tattoo

This Mandala Foot Tattoo

This Vintage-Looking Skull Hand Tattoo

This Crazy Cool Optical Illusion Tattoo

This Connecting Polynesian Tribal Tattoo

This Scary (But Cool!) Leg Demon

This Cool Connecting Cupcake

This Cool Geometric Friendship Tattoo

This Old School Split Shark Tattoo