28 Cute Derpy Dogs That’ll Make You Smile

are the greatest animals on the planet, and if you don’t think so, we have to whole-heartedly disagree with you. They’re loyal, energetic, cuddly, and often times, hilarious. are undoubtedly man’s best friend, and some of them have even more personality than most humans.

Even when dogs are being a little bit derpy, you can’t help but love them. Whether a pup has been photographed mid-shake, or forgot to put his tongue back in his mouth, these derpy dog pictures will make you smile every time. Derpy dogs are even cuter than regular dogs, because they’re even more adorable when they’re acting silly. Vote up the cutest pictures of derpy dogs below, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section.

Yes, This Is Actually a Real Dog

*Cue Melodica Cover of the Jaws Theme*

Dogs Are Graceful and Majestic Beasts

He’s Got a Case of Pug Tongue

Maybe He Smells Bacon

This Derp Is SO Excited to See You


Did Someone Say, “Walkies?!”

Derpy the House Elf

Husky in Full Derp Mode

He’s Totally Judging You

This Dog Is Basically the Neighbor from Home Improvement

“Let’s Do a Silly One!”

This Dog Seems Like He’s Melting

That’s One Floofy Derp

This Little Frenchie Forgot to Put His Tongue Back in His Mouth

This Dachshund Is Having a Major Malfunction

Lil’ Derp Waking Up from Anesthesia

One Dissapproving Derp

Marni, the Most Famous Derp Dog Around

Derpin’ on the Couch

This Newly Adopted Goofball

This Photo Was Taken at the Perfect Moment

She Fell Asleep Chewing Her Bone

The Derpiest Derp That Ever Did Derp

The Cutest Corgi Derp Face

Jon Lovitz? Is That You?

Chubby Pugs Are the Best Pugs