The 28 Funniest Trucker Signs Ever Spotted on the Open Road

Without trucks and truckers, fresh , clothing, and basically everything in your home wouldn’t be there. When you stop and think about it, society owes the truckers of the world a pretty big debt of gratitude. The least you can do is read through this collection of trucker signs.

Some of these signs are intentionally funny, quipping about the wide turns a big rig takes or boldly requesting a, ahem, free show on the road. But others might not have been so deliberate – was that truck manufacturer really making a double-entendre about oiling nipples, or simply describing necessary vehicle repair? Either way, the resulting sign is undeniably funny.

This gallery of on trucks and funny signs on the road is one way of saying thanks while also showcasing the fact that truckers have a pretty good sense of . These pictures might be the next best thing to the funny hotel signs that you’ll see on the open road. Enjoy these funny signs on trucks, and the next time you see a truck, make sure you honk at them, or at the very least wave hello.


Buh Buy

The Naked Truth

Political Humor

Decisions, Decisions

Practical Moving

Pun Intended

Milking It for All It’s Worth

Cup of Fun

Stiff Competition

Law & Disorder

What the Truck!

Cheese and Quackers

Major Turning Point

Dat Truck

Call of Doody

Easy Rider

Part of the Deal

Just Poo It

Come On, Babe…It’s My Birthday

White Lie

Nacho Ordinary Truck Sign

Just the Nips

Back to Stool

Trucking in a Flash

Zero Trucks Given

Electric Avenue

You’re Driving Me Crazy

Funny S***