28 Memes All Sorority Girls Can Relate To

All the time is the perfect time to pay your respects to all of the amazing sorority girls in the world. They are all amazing, beautiful, and they all bring the world an endless amount of completely cliched entertainment. And what better way to show your undying love and support than this amazing collection of funny sorority girl memes? These memes will be instantly relatable to sorority girls everywhere. Take a look at these photos and share them with your bigs and your littles. And don’t you dare be ashamed of squatting in photos, wearing Uggs or drinking Starbucks, because all of that is awesome, and so are you. Hey mister, hey mister, stay away from my sister! 

Meet the Sisters

Ugg Life

Strike a Pose

Twisted Sisters

Annoying Sorority Facebook Girl

What a Bunch of Frapp

Take Your Best Shot

Getting Even

Basic Instincts

Shame on You

These Boots We’re Made for Raining

Color of Money

Sorority Expectations vs. Reality

Date with Destiny

Frozen in Time

Life of Delta Si

They Are Among Us

The Big Short

First World Sorority Problems

Behind the Candlelabra

Mop to It

Undercover Sister

Alien vs Predator

Pretty Little Liars

Pack Rat

A Disturbance in the Greek Force

Fat Chance

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