28 People Who Have Hair That Accidentally Looks Like Food

Everyone rocks their own sense of style, and some ’s style includes that look like food. Since taste varies from person-to-person, hair that looks like food takes on a whole buffet of options. Like many crazy hairstyles, these ‘dos probably thought they looked like the toast of the town, but in actuality, they just look like a French toast. Ramen locks and onion buns all serve some seriously strange looks in this hilarious gallery of hair that looks like food. Just be careful you don’t find yourself at the other end of the law, because these hairstyles don’t get so fresh in a mugshot.

Nice To Meat You

Hair Fit For A Carnival

Times New Ramen

A Corny Look For Sure

Croquembouche Dessert By Gaga

A Hairstyle To Make You Cry

Chester Approved

Why Don’t You Come And Sashimi Sometime?

Flaming Hot Cheetos Hair

Would You Like Fries With That?

Flan Solo

Acorny Hairstyle

Bring Home The Bons

This Hairstyle Is Going To Be “Yuuge” In 2017

Hair On A Roll

Rice To Meet You, Nicki

Iggy’s Buns Of Steel

I Guess Some Women Find This Hairstyle Appeeling

Zayn’s Ice Cream Social

Egg-cellent Choice

Popstar Or Popsicle?

Mac And Jeezy

Whole Foods Hair By The Weekend

Melon Head

I Donut Understand

Hot Potato

Lily Allen’s Watermelon Surprise

Lady Gaga’s Hard Candy Humbugs