28 Ridiculous Daytime Talk Show Guest Captions


So here, in one place, are the best Maury screenshots, the best weird special guests from Tyra, Ricki Lake and various other daytime TV talk shows from the ’90s. Enjoy them and let every single person on this list remind you that your life is amazing and that you’re a respectable, valuable and loved person who has never reached this kind of low without being completely aware of it.

Those Are Seriously a Dollar

I Sure As Hell Hope So

Poor Darren

Explain the Tooth, Michael

He Deserved It

Death Penalty

Work It, Dwight

Oh, Veronica

Good Thing They Got a Real One

They Gotta Come from Somewhere…

I Wouldn’t Want To See Her Ears

In Her Defense, It WAS All You Can Eat

Watch Your Sh*t, Regina

Learn from the Experts

Hahah He’s Wearing a White Shirt So He Can Match

And Now He’s In Court??

Because Lower Backs Aren’t Wombs

What? YOU Tell Her What It’s Really For.

No Honey, You’re Just Drunk

How Did She Survive 🙁

Presented Without Comment

He Calls Em Like He Sees Em

Good for Her!

What About Cucumbers?

I Didn’t Know This Is What That Farmers Only Dating Site Is For

Do They Stand Against Hair On The Sides Of The Head?

They Don’t Like You Either

Above Average Students