28 Times Eric Cartman Said Exactly The Right Thing

is easily┬áthe greatest┬áSouth Park┬ácharacter of all time┬áand arguably the greatest animated TV character. Fat, exploitative, and a total dick, Cartman’s inflated┬ásense of self-importance bestows him a lack of self-awareness terrible for the real world but excellent for comedy. Eric may only be eight-years-old, but he’s got a lifetime’s worth of gripes, evidenced by this gallery of the greatest Cartman┬áSouth Park┬áquotes.

If you’re struggling for answers in life, Cartman┬áquotes will solve your problems, albeit with advice that would only serve someone as depraved as he is. In this tribute to Eric Theodore Cartman’s greatest quotes, you’ll witness many of the┬álessons South Park has┬átaught us. Respect his autoritah!

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