28 Times The Simpsons Got REALLY Dark

The SimpsonsĀ has been on television since 1989, but somehow, the writers manage to keep the humor sharp and the social commentary biting. Part of the charm ofĀ The SimpsonsĀ is that it never pulls any punches when it comes to jokes – the brutal honesty of some moments imprint themselves onto your memory for life. Whether it’s the dysfunctional marriage of Homer and Marge, the kids who act out, bumbling town police chief Wiggum, or Krusty the hilariously corrupt children’s clown, every character and relationship serves to demonstrate some aspect of humanity that is truly screwed up. Relive some of your favoriteĀ The SimpsonsĀ  and moments with this list of times the writing staff forĀ The SimpsonsĀ refused to lighten up.

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