28 Photos That Prove We’re Too Obsessed With Our Phones

It’s okay to admit it: you obsess over your phone, and you’re not alone. Chances are you’re reading this on your phone right now, and that’s fine too. Technology allows people to phone a friend, send an email, and order lunch using a personal screen tucked in your pocket. With Wifi hotspots continuing to grow in size and notoriety, only expect to see more of your fellow species clutching their smartphones closer. 

As you will see, many, many people are stuck to their phone, just like you. Now that this is settled, get back to wasting your time and thinking about all the useful things it can do like a good human drone.


Kids These Days

Stuck To The Screen

Can You Relate?

Einstein Predicts The Smartphone Future

Kiss And Tell Your Followers

Phoning It In


An On-Screen Romance

Smart Hugs

Down The Drain

Ain’t No Party Like A Smartphone Party

Sign Of The Times

House Rules

“TTYL, Graduating”

The Walking Braid Dead

Family Phone Dinner


In The Waiting Line

Seeing Is Believing

Art Reflects The Times

Dads These Days

Turn Up

The Great Indoors

Posting First, Parenting Later

Distracted Doctor