29 Guilty Dogs Who Were Totally Caught in the Act

There is no need for a trial in a dog courtroom. As you’ll clearly see by the funny dog pictures below, these are guilty as charged. These funny photos of caught in the act destroying things are a classic Internet case of “shock and aww.” It is your job as the judge and jury to uphold the standard of Internet law and sentence these guilty to a lifetime of hugs and mandatory trips to the dog park. They did something bad. Now love them for it. They owned up to it. Now it’s your job to cuddle them forever.

So How Was Your Day?

Thank God You’re Home

He Did It

No Place to Hide

Blinds Justice

Read My Lips

Toilet Humor

Pillow Talk

Stairway to Hell

Sooo… You’re Home Early

Dogs of a Feather

Guilt by Association

Lid of Shame

I Scream

Pug Life

Sweeping it Under the Rug

The Acorn Doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree

Pole Position

If You Can’t Stand the Heat, Get out of the Refrigerator

Shock and Aww

If the Hat Fits…

Take a Seat

Pay Dirt

Body of Evidence

Everything but the Kitchen Sink

Having a Ball

Shower Thoughts

Trust Me, I Can Explain