29 Of The World’s Most Terrifying Bridges

Some people won’t “cross that bridge when they get to it,” because they’re just plain scared. Gephyrophobia, the fear of bridges, is a real thing, and affects thousands of people around the world. While some people are afraid to cross bridges that are over water, others simply get the heebie-jeebies driving across an overpass. And judging by these photos, we don’t blame them! These are some of the most terrifying bridges that nobody in their right mind would want to cross – with or without Gephyrophobia. 

Here you’ll find the scariest, most dangerous, bridges, that even strong-willed adventurers might have trouble crossing. Vote up the bridges that freak you out the most, or that trigger your own Gephyrophobia. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section!
Three Boards Held Together by Standard Office Staples

This Vertigo-Inducing Glass Bottom Bridge

Thank God for Those Rocky Crags to Break Your Fall

This Death Trap Over Water

Experience the Inside of a Hurricane on Your Way Home From Work!

It’s Just as Easy to Admire That Picturesque Beauty Far, Far Away From That Bridge

This Bridge Fails at the One Thing Bridges Are Supposed to do

This Unintentional White Water Rafting Adventure Waiting to Happen

A Red Flag? When the Entire Bridge Is One Big Safety Net

The Foreboding Mist Is Not Helping

Next Stop, Mordor

Don’t Worry, It’ll All Be Over in About 20 More Miles Of Watery Death

Go Home Bridge, You’re Drunk

This Monstrosity Should Require Parachutes Instead of a Seat Belt

These Sticks Blatantly Masquerading as a Crossing

This Impending Death Fest

Anyone Under 10 lbs. Will Be Saved By Those Nets

This Orphan Maker

This Wobbly Stack of beams Can Totally Hold Their Weight

The Ultimate Wildlife Feeder

This Dr. Seuss Looking Son of a Bitch

Oh, Just a Few Splinters Held Together By Extremely Frail Jungle Rope

A Literal Tourist Trap

This Ice-Laden Atrocity

Tarzan’s Favorite Hang Out Spot

Just Row Across This River, It’s Way Safer

This Indiana Jones Reject

This Rusty Hunk of Junk