29 Teachers You Wish You Had When You Were in School

Among them you’ll find epic educators, teachers, and mentors who realize that there’s no better way to spark a kid’s interest than to make learning fun. Below you’ll see their shenanigans unfold as they think of new and hilarious ways to peddle knowledge to the young masses. Whether they’re working “yo mama” jokes into math tests or passing out fast food applications to students who don’t seem to give a crap, these funny teachers aren’t afraid to relate to their students.

So come on in and watch the fun unfold as you get a load of these hilarious pranks, teaching techniques, and even crazy yearbook photos by some of the funniest teachers in the history of education. Feel free to pass these funny teaching tips along to your own favorite teacher as well in order to spread the inspiration to educators everywhere! After all, nothing quite guarantees the brilliance of future generations like math problems involving Justin Bieber hurtling over a cliff at a velocity yet to be determined.

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