29 Times People Got Exactly What Was Coming to Them

What exactly is Justice Porn? Well it’s kind of like instant karma. In the form of brutal knockouts, bullies getting beat up, and other instances where street justice gets served… and gets served hard. Street hard.
Street Hard 2: Karma Justice
You see the joys of Justice Porn come not from lack of clothing (it’s not porn for real… more like food porn), but from those rare moments in life when karma drinks a red bull and comes out swinging like a Georgia hurricane (see, just like food porn). Let’s face it, sometimes it’s kind of awesome when the jerk-y high school quarterback grows up to be the creepy fat guy. Somewhere in his unemployed, thinning hairline, lives a glimmer of hope that karma will always sort it out in the end.
So the next time you have one of those days that makes you wanna throw your hands up and give up on the world, come on in. We’ve got just the ticket to restore your flailing belief that somewhere out there, justice lurks on, just waiting for the right moment to kick the bad guy’s ass.
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