30 Amazing LEGO Versions of Famous Monuments

  versions of famous monuments recreate some of the most beautiful buildings in the world along with some of the top natural wonders. These creations, painstakingly crafted brick by brick, are nearly impressive as the real things, just much, much smaller. Comprised of thousands of bricks, some experts spend ridiculous amounts of hours recreating some of the world’s top buildings and natural wonders. That is the case for many of these, such as Stonehenge, the Grand Canyon and the Great Wall of China. These master builders craft these monuments down to the tiniest detail to make their creations perfect. For those who don’t have the time, patience or skill to build the likes of the Leaning Tower of Pisa or Temple of Artemis in bricks, Architecture Products make recreating these masterpieces a snap. The company has several series of product sets designed to recreate some of the top monuments around the world, such as the Architect Series, which features the Guggenheim Museum, and the Landmark Series, featuring The White House, Eiffel Tower and Rockefeller Center, all in form.


Westminster Abbey


Leaning Tower of Pisa

Acropolis of Athens

Eiffel Tower

Moscow Kremlin

Space Needle

Sydney Opera House

Rockefeller Center

White House

Temple of Artemis

Angkor Wat

Arc de Triomphe


Dome of the Rock

Chichen Itza

St. Peter’s Cathedral


Great Wall of China

Torii Gates

Statue of Liberty

Macau Tower


Niagara Falls

Taj Mahal

Cathedral of Brasília

Big Ben

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