The 30 Most Awkward Pictures of Nerds Next to Women

Need a good laugh? Try this lighthearted list of the most awkward photos of traditional nerds standing next to their stereotypical arch nemesis: women. Making fun of the socially awkward as they pose next to hot is an staple. Some of these are classics and have shown us why being a booth babe is probably one of the most emotionally taxing jobs in the world. Others just make us sad.
Usually, of nerds have a slightly tragic quality (unless we’re talking about hot of girl nerds). But these pics of nerds are full of fun. In honor of the Comic-Con season, this is a taste of things to come.

           It Is Hungry
           Must… Not… Touch… Neck
         Hands In Front
           The Classic
           Red Pants, Fanny Pack. Let’s Do This, Ladies.
          The Greatest Photo Ever Taken
              This Guy Probably Has Sex God As His Occupation on Facebook
          He Was Mid-Tweet When It Happened
           Photoshop Love Is The Best Kind Of Love
           Bitches, Please. I’m Doing Math.
           Future Billionaire vs. Future Wife of a Billionaire
           Butt Hovering
           For Good Measure
           Love Is Forever
           Luxury Motorcycles Magazine Presents…
           Some Poorly Dressed Guy and Two Marketing Professionals
          Tricia Helfer Working Out Her Tricep Flexibility
          This Is My Moment
          Ballin Every Day and Every Night
           And Not A Single Base Was Gotten To
           I Don’t Know What To Do With My Hands
           Even Jonah Hill, You Guys
          Move Over, Will Smith
           Their New Vegas Wives
           And The Classic Summer Glau Compilation

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