30+ Dog Selfies You’ve Got to See

Have you ever noticed that obsessive takers are usually the least interesting people to look at in photos? Wouldn’t it be nice if they’d at least include something adorable in their continuous stream of self-portraits… like their , for instance? Or better yet, how awesome would it be if they’d just cut themselves out altogether and regale us with endless selfies?

We should probably just go ahead and file that one under “too good to be true,” but one can dare to dream, especially with the help of this adorable collection of funny dog selfies. That’s right, we’ve rounded up a group of hilarious dogs that took selfies in order to give you a glimpse at just how grand life could be if only there were more dogs taking pictures instead of humans.

So the next time you can’t even with one more photo of that same selfie-obsessed friend try this instead. These dog selfie pictures are guaranteed to brighten your spirits and put a smile back on your face in no time. 

"Bae Is Totally Digging My Valentine's Gift."

“Chillin’ with My Dawg.”

“Chillin’ with My Bro.”

“Drunk Bathroom Selfie with My Homegirl, Heeeeey!”

“Hold It… Hold It… Wait, One More, I Blinked…”

“Everybody Get Together! Got It!”

“Rollin’ Out to the Mall with My Girl.”

“Firpht Thing’s Firpht.”

“Is it On? I Can’t Tell if It’s… Oops!”


“Bae Caught Me Sleeping…”

“Guess Whose Dad Just Went to Work Without Closing His Facebook…”

“Right-Side Up Selfies Are So 2015.”

“Mondays Got Me Like….”

“I Woke Up Like This.”

“BFFs Fur-ever!”

“Any Hint About What Happened Last Night Would Be Greatly Appreciated.”

“Finally Introduced My Bully to My Big Bro!”

“We Are Not Amused.”

“I Don’t Always Take Selfies, but When I Do… I Break Into Mom’s Makeup.”

“Nah, We Haven’t Seen Your Stash Mama…”

“I Didn’t Choose the Pug Life. The Pug Life Chose Me.”

“Haters Gonna Hate.”

“I’m Too Sexy for These Shades.”

“Just Chillin’ at the Vacay House.”

“Mom’s New Boyfriend Got Me Like…”

“Guess Who Got the New iPhone Before You Did, Losers!”

“The Riding Lawnmower Looked a Little Lonely.”

“This Is My Tinder Shot”

“Keepin’ It Real, Bro.”