30 Explicit Lesbian Novel Covers From The 60s That Were Way Ahead of Their Time

From 1935 to 1965, millions of pulp fiction novels were sold in America, aimed at a surprisingly broad readership. A lot of this mid-century erotica wasn’t just meant to titillate straight men: some of these stories featured sympathetic, insightful portrayals of relationships and were even reprinted by feminist presses. But regardless of the content inside, publishers knew showing some skin on the cover would help these pocket-sized tales fly off the shelves.

Below are 30 of the most revealing lesbian novel covers from that period. Unlike some of the more inconspicuous erotic novel art the Greatest Generation may have kept on their nightstand, these covers are brazen in their efforts to arouse.


Unnatural, 1960

Her Private Hell, 1963

Deviate Wife, 1963

Live With Me, 1962

Counterfeit Lesbian, 1963

21 Gay Street, 1960

Lesbian Hell, 1963

Perfume And Pain, 1962

Strange Breed, 1960

The Third Sex Syndrome, 1962

We Walk Alone, 1955

Degraded Women, 1962

Different, 1960

Intimate, 1961

Sex Sorority, 1963

Sally, 1959

The Golden Cage, 1959

Moment Of Desire, 1962

A Bit Of Fluff, 1963

Gay Scene, 1962

Return To Lesbos, 1963

The Path Between, 1961

Flesh For Hire, 1963

Love Like A Shadow, 1962

Shame And Joy , 1960

Pajama Party, 1963

Party Girls, 1963

Queer Patterns, 1959

The Hands Of Love, 1962

Torrid Wench, 1963