30 of the Funniest Fan Game Day Signs Ever

These funny sports signs are from fans attending every kind of sporting event –  from NBA championships and hockey tournaments, to baseball games and soccer matches. Vote up the best funny game day signs, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section.

The Charming Perks of Being a Celebrity

Our Guess is Yes

But How Did They Know the Ref Would Make That Specific Mistake?

The Poor Ref Won’t Know This Happened Until He Catches the Highlight Reel Later

Someone Hit that Man a Homer!

Something Tells Us the Fisher of Men Has a Secret Soft Spot for the Mariners

The Guy Behind Them is Probably Switching Seats Right Now

….Does That Offer Apply to Non-Team Members?

Don’t Hold Your Breath, Dude

Probably Because She Spent All Her Money on the Snazzy Sign

What a Romantic Proposal!

True Love in Its Purest Form

What Would Emilio Estevez Say to This?

Not Anymore She Doesn’t, Einstein

Owned by an Ophthalmologist

That Mask Tho…

It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Loses a Puppy

In Their Dreams

Ironically, It’s the Best Sign in the Bunch

Don’t Forget the $10 Hotdogs!

With a Name Like Gamecocks, They Have to Expect to Walk Right Into This One, Right?

We’ll Need to See Pau Gasol’s Birth Certificate STAT

These Ladies Look Like They’ve Been on Enough of a Bender Already

No Matter Who’s Asking, the Answer Is Probably Yes

NY Rangers fans politely troll Sidney Crosby

It’s Okay Pence, We All Run Out of Clean Spoons from Time to Time

Ah, the Joy of the Play-Offs

Let Us Guess, You Also Love Lamp?

Stud Problems

Hunter Pence: the Original Basic B*tch

The Sign That Launched 1,000 Gullible Google Searches