30 Incredibly Awkward Pregnancy Announcements

Long gone are the days of thinking that simply taking a pic of a positive test is an acceptable way to announce you’re expecting a new baby. Creative parents have found new ways to spread the news that there’s a new human being on the way. However, here’s a word to the wise: If you’re looking for a creative way to announce your bun in the oven, DO NOT use one of these awkward pregnancy reveals. These awkward and funny pregnancy announcements will make you cringe and represent some huge fails in the baby announcement department.

Pregnancy is an amazing and beautiful time in a woman’s life. It’s also amazing that so many couples feel the desperate need to document this glorious time for future generations with such bizarre photos. These parents were itching to break out of the box and get noticed, but definitely overshot the mark. The results are epic and hilariously awkward in most cases.

These yet-to-be-born babies might just opt to avoid the embarrassment by remaining in the womb until they are adults and can quietly slink away into obscurity. What were these expectant parents thinking? Why didn’t anyone stop them? The world may never know. This list is comprised of some of the most truly weird and absolute worst pregnancy reveals in history. Vote for the most ridiculously awkward pregnancy announcements that really make you cringe.

Sorry Kid, We’re Getting a Newer Model

You’ve been replaced.

Let’s Make It Classy for the Grandparents!
Wait a minute. Are Barbie and Ken anatomically correct?
You Better Smile While You Can, Buddy
Are we having fun yet?
Enough with the Prego, Already
We get it. We get it. Can someone start a new trend? PLEASE?

His Hat Is Bigger Than Her Belly Will Be

You have to be really baked to appreciate this one.
What the Puck?
This idea should be put in the penalty box.
There’s a Reason Vanilla Ice Was a One Hit Wonder
Vanilla. Ice. Ice. Colorful arrow.
If You’re Giving Birth to a Fruit Salad…
…this would almost be appropriate.
Hopefully That Drink Was Shaken… Not Stirred
An announcement annoying enough to drive you to drink.
It’s A Boy… Obviously
Just don’t call him Richard.
It’s the Fountain of Youth
Youth. As in newborn.
You Can See the Family Resemblance Already
You’ll also see it in your nightmares.
S*$% Just Got Real
Looks like three’s a crowd!
You Suck at This Game
Who’s the ultimate hide-and-seek loser? The one who can’t pick a proper hiding place, or the one who can’t find the glaringly obvious?
Breaking Baby
Because cooking meth and gestating a human being are, you know… so similar.
We Aren’t Kitten, She’s Expecting a Litter
Help control the pet population by having your pets spayed or neutered.
Poor Taste and Poor Nose
The endless fart jokes are just rotten.
Two Little Birdies Told Me You Were Knocked Up
Here’s one for the mantle in the family room.
Creeper with the Back Hair Steals the Show
What? You’re pregnant? Sorry. I didn’t notice.
Grating As Nails On A Chalkboard
So, are you having a baby or a manicure?
For All of You Who Weren’t Already Scared of Clowns…
Bet you are now!
Sing It with Me: She’s Got the Whole World… In Her Womb…
Hope it’s “dolphin safe” in there.
Honey, Every Time I Look at This Tire, I Think of You…
It’s big and round, full of hot air, and it’s been around the block a few times.
Maybe If We Don’t Make Eye Contact, They Won’t See Us
Too bad we can’t un-see this!
You Better SMILE When You Say Congratulations
Like you mean it. Or ELSE!
Thank Goodness Christmas Only Comes Once a Year
Ho-ho-hope this is the only Christmas card I ever get that looks like this.
Half Baked
It’s BUN in the oven, people – NOT loaf of bread with eyes in the oven.
This Seriously BLOWS!
It’s understood your baby’s coming, but announcing it this way totally stinks.
All I Want For Christmas…
… is my eyesight back.
We Don’t Believe in Unicorns
Or pregnant black belts.