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30 Incredibly Phallic Buildings From Around The World

Is it possible that phallic buildings all over the world are part of an ongoing practical joke, or are architects trying to overcompensate for something? Either way, you could say these structures are a stroke of genius.

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Phallic architecture dates back to the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, two cultures obsessed with all things genitalia. They’re responsible for many of the first phallic buildings but the fascination continues around the world to this day. Donsider this cocky collection of phallus palaces a good place to start.

Christian Science Church In Illinois

Peoples’ Daily News Building In China

Knob Tower In Newcastle

Smaralind Shopping Center In Iceland

Ypsilanti Water Tower In Michigan

NSA Field Station In Berlin

Sky Tower In Poland

Reunion Tower In Texas

Agbar Tower In Spain

Yas Hotel In Abu Dhabi

National Shrine Of Little Flower In Michigan

Hamilton Mausoleum In Scotland

State Of Florida Capital Building

Astoria Column In Oregon

Chase Tower In Austin Texas

Gherkin Skyscraper In London

Wachovia Tower In North Carolina

Hoad Monument In England

Harvard Lampoon Castle In Cambridge

Buffalo City Hall

Casa Mila In Barcelona

Colony Water Tower In Michigan

Empire State Building In New York

Wo International Finance Center In Hong Kong

Capital Building In Nebraska

Twin Towers In Malaysia

Oriental Pearl & Radio Tower In Shanghai

The Eiffel Tower

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