30 Kids Crying For No Reason

If you’re a parent, an uncle, a sibling, or have friends with small children, you know they cry for almost any reason at all. Sometimes it’s for attention, because they know they will get it if there are adults around. Other times, it is because they are confused about the big, weird, and confusing world that they are new to. Things as simple as finding out there are hot dogs inside of every corn dog (a real life trauma, if there ever was one), how (and when) to put on sunscreen, and wearing a life vest can set off the waterworks, due to pure confusion.

This list is made up of hilarious pictures that parents have taken as a way to share their exasperation with the world. It can be frustrating to be a parent and have to explain things to a kid who just doesn’t want to listen. However, finding the humor in it as you calm the child down is the sign that you’re a good parent (right?). Let’s just hope these pictures aren’t still online when these kids are old enough to know that we were all laughing at them.

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