30 Vintage Photos Of Grocery Stores That Are Beyond Fascinating

Most of us spend at least 30-45 minutes or so every week at a grocery store – the same grocery store, typically – meaning we spend more time there than almost anywhere that’s not work or home. That’s why old photos of grocery stores spark such intense nostalgia: seeing how grocery stores have changed through the decades is kind of like looking at old family photos. 

The gallery below of old photos of supermarkets spans from the late-19th century to the 1980s, covering several major evolutions in how grocers got their goods to the people. You’ll see the switch to self-service, hand-painted window signs turn to plastic tags, and the aisles getting wider to accommodate those newfangled carts. You’ll also see shelves full of soda in glass bottles – the way God intended.


American Grocery Store, Late 19th Century

Piggly Wiggly, Memphis, Tennessee, 1918

Interior View Of A Chicago Grocery, 1920

Grocery Store In Bremerton, Washington, 1925

A Grocery Store In Vancouver, 1940s

Man And Dogs In Front Of Grocery Store, Robinson, Illinois, 1940

Grand Grocery Company, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1942

Interior View Of A Ralph’s Grocery Store In Los Angeles, 1943

Tulip Town Market, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, 1945

Kroger Grocery Store, Lexington, Kentucky, 1947

Checkout Lines At Kroger Grocery Store, Lexington, Kentucky, 1947

Houchens Grocery Store, Kentucky, 1950s

James Dean Shopping For Groceries In Marfa, Texas, 1955

Grocery Store In Elkton, Michigan, 1958

Jayne Mansfield Grocery Shopping, 1959

Interior Of A Piggly Wiggly Grocery Store, 1959

Grocery Store Parking Lot, West Covina, California, 1959

Grocery Shopping, 1960s

Outside A Grocery Store In Vancouver, 1960

Grocery Store In Evansville, Indiana, 1960

Cigarette End Cap At A Grocery Store, 1962

Grocery Store In Michigan, 1962

Paying By Check, 1970s

Huntington Beach Grocery Store, 1972

Total Discounts Everyday, Huntington Beach, 1972

Grocery Cart, 1974

Woman In A Grocery Store, 1978

U-Pak Grocery Store, Pontiac, Michigan, 1979

Glass Soda Bottles, 1980

Consumers Markets Grocery Store In Springfield, Missouri, 1986