The 30 Most WTF Sex Tips from Magazines

can be a confusing adventure, and so it’s reasonable that newbies or those looking to spice up their love life would look to mainstream magazines for inspiration. Unfortunately for these people, magazines need to continually come up with new gimmicks to make sure they’re not putting out the same advice every month- which leads to a whole lot of misguided and impractical . These hail from very reputable sources, such as Cosmopolitan. You’ll also see some tips from international magazines (what the hell is a ‘chap’ and an ‘ice-lolly’?) and Men’s Health, which proves that both men and Europeans are getting just as backwards advice as American women.
Why do people still think it’s sexy to incorporate food in sex? At best it’ll mess your sheets up, at worst you get a bacterial infection. Do you think the people who wrote these have actually had sex before? Would you actually try any of these tips? Which ones seem the most misguided? Let us know which tip is the most outrageous by voting on which one you could never, ever try to pull off, even with Upton or Gosling. ┬á ┬á ┬á ┬á ┬á