The Best Hipster Jokes. You Probably Won’t Get Them.

Jokes about are so passé, Or they’re cool again? It’s hard to tell with those impossibly skinny, scarf wearing, leather jacket wearing scenesters. But at least hipsters are really easy to make fun of. So, check out these funny hipster jokes. Jokes about hipsters… not jokes that hipsters tell. Well, maybe they do. Whether they’re standing in an endless line for the perfect cup of coffee, or scavenging at a pop up shop for vintage vinyl, hipsters seem to be everywhere these days. Before you know it, hipsters are going to be moving in next door, and setting up a commune made of tree houses and raw denim. The only way to truly combat the hipster menace is to make jokes at their expense. The jokes about hipsters on this list cover everything from 180 gram vinyl, to food trucks, and chillwave.

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