31 Disney Coloring Book Corruptions to Horrify Your Inner Child

Ever wonder why they don’t make coloring books for adults? Because we would ruin them with dirty drawings and maybe a touch of violence, that’s why. But don’t worry, because even the most innocent kid’s coloring book filled with everyone’s favorite characters can be doctored by a creative adult for the purpose of inappropriate laughter – often at Mickey’s expense.

If you are among those bold enough to behold this collection of coloring book corruptions featuring your favorite Disney characters in compromising situations, then enjoy! However, consider yourself warned that these funny Disney coloring book bastardizations might make you laugh right out loud, but they aren’t for children or the easily offended. That said, get ready to bust into mildly guilt-ridden laughter and let the Disney coloring book corruptions begin!

A Girl's Gotta Have Something to Keep Her Entertained in a Tower

Ariel’s Most Promising Found Objects Lesson to Date

Ariel Discovers the Dark Side of Ditching the Fin

Mickey Visits Fantasia Yet Again

Cinderella Discovers There’s More Than One Way to Deal with Evil Step Sisters

Oh, Hey, You’re Home Early….


Tink Decides the Whole Never Growing Up Thing Is Overrated

No One Preens Like Gaston

Thank God Pan Moonlights as Neverland’s Stealthiest Fixer

Vengeance: Um… Nailin’ It?

Well, That Escalated Quickly

We Gon’ Let It Burn, Burn, Burn

After a Few Weeks with Beast, Belle Taps Into Her Dark Side

Mickey Goes All Eminem After Catching Minnie with Another Dude

Talk About Doggie Style…

Belle Gives the Village Children a Whole New Level of Education

The Horrible Truth About Mickey’s Love of Children Is Finally Comes to Light

The Difference Between Boys and Girls

Cinderella Finds Domestic Violence Extends Beyond Her Stepmom

Nothing Goin’ on Here, Officers…

Seriously, Dude? You Couldn’t Have Cleared Her a Landing Pad?

Sleeping Beauty Tires of the Fairies’ Strict Vegan Lifestyle

Vampire White Renames All the Dwarfs “Tasty”

The Horrible Truth About Summer and Snowmen Sends Olaf Over the Edge

The Truth About Prince Charming’s Shoe Fetish Revealed

Mickey Finally Pushes Minnie’s Heart Over the Limit

Bath Salts Claim Yet Another Victim

Belle’s First DIY Cooking Adventure Goes Terribly Wrong

If I Could Be, Part of Thaaaat Woooorl… Dah WTF?!

Dat Fin Tho