31 Hilarious College Football Game Day Signs

When college football bowl games are a dime a dozen, you know it’s time to dust off the tailgating furniture, load up on hot dogs and cheap beer, fire up the grill, and set to making some insulting signs you can hold up during the game! Whether you’re an alumnus, a die-hard fan of a certain team, or you’re just a fan of college sports in general, it’s time to paint your face and beer gut with your school’s colors and let it all hang out for the sake of SPORTS!

What better way to display your college football fandom than making a clever gameday poster that pokes fun at your team’s biggest rival? Why should specific coaches and players go unroasted as they battle for bowl glory?

Check out these funny pictures of college sports fans holding up signs that positively roast the other team. Some go hard to get inside jokes that only true fans will understand, while others appeal to a wider audience by seizing low-hanging fruit. Either way, don’t forget to vote up your favorite hilarious college football posters, and if you see a great one during a big college bowl game, don’t forget to take a picture and post it online for all to see!