31 Hilarious Teacher Test Comments

 Teachers and professors may be older and more mature than their wisecracking students, but they know that that’s no reason to always let the kids have the last laugh. Some of the teachers you’ll see here dish out tough love to their students, and refuse to be charmed by adorable drawings and hopes for a better grade. Other educators not only admire their students’ random doodles, but occasionally even join in the fun. 

One Does Not Simply Walk Out of the Final

Subtly Is Not This Teacher’s Strong Point

Gotta Love a Teacher Who Knows Her Memes

This Teacher Knows Her Top 40

An Elephant Never Forgets, But This Student Couldn’t Remember to Draw the Tail

Perry the Platypus Succeeds Again

The Way to This Teacher’s Heart Is Definitely Not Plush

Not Even Frustration Deserves to Be Half-Assed

Sad Panda Is Not Enough to Melt This Teacher’s Heart

This Teacher Has a Strict Negotiation Policy

Maybe This Teacher Has Been Watching a Little Too Much School of Rock

Red Pen Ninja Strikes Again

This Kid Just Realized That His Teacher Is Smarter Than Him

This Teacher Sees Your Lion and Raises You One With an Even Cooler Mane

Every Man For Himself


This Teacher Is a Sucker for a Cute Giraffe Drawing

Do All Teaching Programs Show Their Educators How to Draw Nic Cage?

This Teacher Finally Says What So Many Teachers Are Thinking

Maybe Admitting to Doing Illegal Drugs in This Essay Wasn’t So Bright…

Word to the Wise: Don’t Draw the Bad Guys from Law & Order SVU on the Final

This Teacher’s Disco Days Are Far From Over

This Epic Teacher Returned This Slacker’s Test With a McDonald’s Application

This Amazing Scumbag Steve/Pacman Crossover

Maybe There’ll Be an Opening in the Art Department When This Student Graduates

When a Teacher Out-Doodles You…

This Teacher Has Had Enough

Isn’t Tenure Great?

That Awkward Moment When the Teacher Schools the Student

“Most Creative Failure” Isn’t Exactly a Compliment

Just When This Teacher Thought She’d Heard It All

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