The Best Harry Potter Jokes

If you’re feeling down, and need a spell of laughter cast on you, look no further than this list of short to lift your spirits higher than a golden snitch. All the usual wizarding world punch lines are here, muggles, Hufflepuffs, and the Weasleys. And before you can say “Accio joke book,” never fear, there are so many jokes on this list of Harry Potter one liners that you’ll be in stitches longer than it’s taken JK to write a follow up to everyone’s favorite series about the boy who lived. If you get bored with this list of funny Harry Potter puns (now why would you do that?), try translating the jokes into parselmouth, everyone would definitely think you very cool and not weird at all. We all know the best way to combat He Who Shall Not Be Named is with laughter, so put on your invisibility cloak and start learning these jokes. You never know when you’ll find yourself at a wizard convention fending off a pasty faced, no nosed, creep. So when you find yourself trapped under your uncle’s stairs and need something to do, why not check out our list of the funniest Harry Potter jokes? What else do you have to do? And don’t say practice quidditch, we’ve seen you fly, and you should just give it up.

Take a break from practicing your patronus spell to vote on your favorite Harry Potter joke. And if you’re still scratching your head at this list, you just might be a muggle.