32 Hilariously Passive Aggressive Sex Notes

 If you’re a fan of passive-aggressive neighbor notes then you’re going to love these. This slideshow contains everything from drawings to animal comparisons, outright hostility, and even helpful tips. Some of the notes are so detailed they probably took longer than the sex that they were reprimanding.      

Make sure to vote up the funniest passive-aggressive sex notes. These will have you laughing so hard you too may end up with a snarky note on your door.


Reverse Psychology or Total Honesty?

Nothing a Trip to IKEA Can’t Fix, Right?

This Record is Going Platinum

“What a Great View,” Said No One Ever

Life Lessons in Three Minutes or Less

50/50 Odds

Well, F*ck

From One Sexually Active Neighbor to Another

Tyrannosaurus Sex

A Practical Solution

Three’s Company

One of These Things Is Not Like the Others: Sanity, Sleep, and Blue Balls

Arriving at Logical Conclusions

Registering on the Richter Scale

The Spirit of Equality

The Power of Christ Compels You!

Deutschland Uber Alles

Look Who Has Signal Though

The Reversal: A Rare Note from the Fornicator

Basic Elephant Bowling Safety

It May Be a Fact, But Is It Really a Fun Fact?

Breaking and Entering

How Is Domestic Violence Easier to Explain than Rough Sex?

Welcome to the Lovenasium

The Sexorcist

The Agony and the Ecstasy

Purest Poetry

The Valentine’s Day Spirit

Not Just Sleep, REM Sleep

Mr. and Mrs. Loud Sex People

Who Still Says “Get It On?”

“Sexual Vocals” Is Actually the Name of My A Capella Group

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