32 Wedding Photos Gone Wrong

    Convinced that photos are boring? Think again! Here you’ll see some of the worst, weirdest, and just plain ever caught on film. In this collection of wedding photos gone wrong, we’ve assembled some of the most hysterical mid-wedding moments ever. So if you’re sick of cheesy bridal party lineups and of blandly posed couples, you’ve come to the right place!  As you’ll see here, no matter how well-prepared the wedding planner or how well-paid the wedding photographer, no one is ever completely safe when it comes to random wedding disasters. When cameras, money, and high-pressure romance are involved, chaos is guaranteed to ensue. This collection of falling flower girls, groping ring bearers, and bridal wardrobe malfunctions will send a chill down every bride-to-be’s spine! That said, you’ll also pick up some great tips on how to keep these and other weird wedding photo disasters from happening to you!  

Consider this the   funniest wedding album of all time. These may not be the most romantic shots or the cherished memories these couples were hoping for, but they are definitely some of the most unique and wedding photos around. Take a page from these wedding photo fails and you may just be able to avoid total disaster on your big day.


The Moment They Realized Their Wedding Party Might Be Too Big

The Most DGAF Flower Girl in History

Must Be Something in the Air…

“Oh Hey, Am I in Your Shot?”

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“Anyone Seen My Puberty? I think I Saw It Run Under Here…”

Why You Shouldn’t Serve Booze Before the Photos Are Taken

The Dangers of a Seaside Ceremony

The Risk of Letting Your Chihuahua Be the Flower Girl

“Hey Look a Fly. Don’t Worry, I Got It.”

Sweet Angle


Grandma Does Care About Your Idiotic Proposal

Definitely One for the Wedding Album

That Awkward Moment When You Realize All Your Bridesmaids Ditched Their Ugly Dresses

A Bridesmaid’s Duty Is Never Done

Ring Bearer Got Swag

“Oh Heeeeeeeell No!”

There Are Some Backgrounds Even Creative Coloring Can’t Fix

A Groomsman’s Planking Knows No Bounds

Spoiler Alert: This Didn’t End Well

Freudian Slip Caught on Film?

Thug Ring Bearer Doesn’t Care About Your Stupid Photos

Well at Least He Smiled…

The Special Wedding Underwear She Ordered Must Have Arrived Too Late

Wedding Horses ‘R Us: Reservations Highly Recommended

Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Perfectly Expressing All of Our Feelings

Everybody’s Got That One Uncle…

The Creepiest Vows Ever Caught on Film

A Sad Peek into This Couple’s Sex Life

Tying the Knot at the Place Where They Met

Wait. What?

Ah, Romance!