33 Drunk People Who Have Serious Snapchat Game

We live in an age where you’re not truly having fun unless people online can witness it. If you have an awesome night on the town with your buddies, but no one is around to post a picture of it on social media, did it even really happen? Now that we relive most of our wildest memories online, Snapchat is perfect for those of us who would rather the evidence of our drunken escapades be deleted almost immediately after viewing. With Snapchat, you can record your friend’s sloppy, impromptu, burlesque performance without having to worry about it falling into the wrong hands. You can say silly things without having to be judged for them in the morning. And you can send as many duck face photos as you want without the fear of ever having to see them again.

Snapchat allows you to send pictures and videos to your followers and friends that will delete themselves in a matter of minutes, which is good news for everyone who doesn’t want their most embarrassing photos floating around on Facebook for their parents to see. Of course, if your friends really don’t want you to ever live these moments down, they can always take a screenshot of your silliest photos, like some of the people below did.

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