33 Mailboxes That Will Make You LOL

Ever see a mailbox that you can’t help but laugh at? If you’ve got an address, you’re definitely subject to endless, horrible junk mail arriving at your mailbox every week. So why not have a little fun with it? These people sure did – by tricking out their mailboxes to look like cartoon characters, animals, nature, and the occasional rude gesture. Whether it’s a crappy custom mailbox made from DIY garbage, or a professional looking sculpture, these people had a great time making sure their mailbox is the most noticeable on the block.

Some of these people have dressed up ordinary mailboxes like creatures and animals, while others have taken everyday objects and turned them into a functioning mailbox. The best funny mailbox designs are over-the-top, creative, and will definitely make you laugh out loud.

This Snowman Is Truly Appalled at Your Electric Bill

Mail Man’s Best Friend

This Mailbox Hand Will Crush You if You Even Think About Putting Useless Coupons in Here

A Mailbox for the Age

This One Took Me a Second

Sailors Lost at Sea Used to Mistake Manatees for Mermaids…

Never Mind the Dog, Beware of Owner

Don’t Let Taz Bite Your Hand!

Bob the Builder Definitely Lives Here

Under Da Sea… Your Mail Will Get Soggy

Pin the Mail on the Donkey

Ghost Rider

Take THAT, Coupon Senders!

The Island Life

Blue Gator, Because Florida

Look at This Gorgeous Star Lillie!

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For the Mailman AND the Milk Man!

Sweet Use of an Old Mac

Great for the Subterranean Dweller

A Surprise for the Biker

For the Sailor in Your Life

This Mailbox Is Here to Party

Cute/Creepy Mail Monster

“I’m Too Sexy for Your Mail, Too Sexy for Your Mail…”

A Little Face to Eat Your Mail!

Miss Frog Has Seen Better Days

This Propane Tank Minion, Because of Course

Their Mail Is Sent via Express-O Delivery

For Junk Mail, Right?

Light Mail on Fire for Full Effect

Is This White Trash, or Genius Art?

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