33 People Who Got Tattoos of Their Pet

Rest assured however, that whether you’d ever actually consider getting tattoos of your own pet or not, you’ll definitely get a kick out of the following pet owner pictures featuring folks who totally went for it. Not only will you’ll get a look at some of , most creative, and flat out adorable pet owner tattoos ever inked, you’ll also get to see how they stack up against the furry little guys and gals who inspired them.

So get a load of this smile-inspiring collection of pet owner tattoo ideas, featuring everything from the wild to the wacky to the totally realistic.

Neither This Boston Nor the Tat He Inspired Are Interested in Your Shenanigans

This Dude’s Owner Will Forever Be the Subject of His Cat’s Gaze

Artistic Kitty Contemplates Her Many Dimensions

This Guy’s Headshot Is Both Cute and Concise

Wise Bunny’s Words Live on in Ink

This Pup’s Human Immortalizes Him in His Favorite Pose

This Guy Assures You He’s Way More Badass in Person

This Little Diva’s Mom Captures Her Personality in Ink

Who Can Say No to Anything in the Presence of these Eyes?

This Cat Approves of His Fur-Mom’s Tattoo’s Mesage

This Kitty Wonders Who That Sexy Beast on Your Arm Is

Inspector Kitty Finds a Flaw in the Portrayal of One of His Furs

Minimalist Kitty Approves of This Portrayal

Tribal Tattoo Inspiring Kitty Hears the Call of the Wild

How Ill Is This Eel Tat?

Pleased Kitty Rubs His Gums in Approval

This Kitty Proves He’s Too Sexy for His Hat

This Little Lady Is the Princess of Precious

This Iconic Gentleman Looks on His Ink Portrait with Approval

This Dude Appears Unamused by His Portrait

Class: This Guy Has It

Love: This Guy Has It

Best. Face. Ever.

The Artist Totally Captures This Guy’s Stealth

This Little Guy Loves the Way They Captured His Eyes

Those Ears Tho

This Dude Loves His Portrait Tat So Much He Showers It with Cuddles

How Pimp Is This Pug’s Portrait Tat?

This Little Hipster Was Immortalized in Ink Before It Was

This Boston Is Posing for a Tat Like a Boss

How Adorable Is This Doberman and the Tat He Inspired?

This Kitty Has Lots of Love for His Inky Doppelgänger