33 Pictures That Will Make You Do a Double Take

Why look at boring, regular that you can totally comprehend the first time you see them when you can experience these epic that will make you do a double take. It’s like getting two photo galleries for the price of one and that’s the best deal you’re going to find on the today.  Move your eyeballs in circles at least three times before you begin, because they’re about to get quite an optical workout. If you’re able to understand any of these optical illusions the very first time you look at them, then you might be an “Internet genius.”

Hands On Approach

Toe For Show

Naughty Shadow

Statue-tory Rape

In the Driver’s Seat

Too Much Pot

Oh Baby

How an Arm Almost Becomes a Felony

Relax, It’s Just an Arm

Liev or Let Die

Go-Go Gadget Arm!

Thumbs Up

Mini Man

Hairy Poppins

Third Arm

Cooler Heads Prevail

The Great Divide

Hug Life

Losing One’s Head

Hairy Situation

Between Two Legs

Head Games

Hair Up There

A Sand Apart

Unarmed and Dangerous

Three’s Company

A Head of the

It’s Okay to Do a Triple Take

Yes We Can’t


Hose Before Hoes

Legal Beagle

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