34 Lego Fails Even Your Kid Would Have Built Better

Legos, they’re not for everybody. Even though there are definitely some geniuses out there, most builders are just okay at putting together small colored blocks into various shapes. But the people on this list might want to rethink their hobby because they’ve created some of the worst creations that have ever been shown to the world. Some of these fails are just miserable stacks of blocks with no discernible purpose, but some of the best fails (call the oxymoron police!) are so strange that you might need to seek therapeutic help if you spend any time trying to understand what the builder was trying to accomplish. Try not to lose your mind while you look at these hilarious fails.

On this list of abysmal Lego fails there’s everything from a Lego Hitler to people who seem to think that the best way to put their Lego together is to keep stacking until it reaches the ceiling. Check out these head scratching Lego fails! Like, who thought these were good?