34 Of The Silliest-Looking Animals on Earth

The world is without a doubt packed with magnificent displays of beauty, from the largest forest to the tiniest insect. Occasionally, though, nature is less beautiful and more hilarious. Sometimes just look goofy, dumb, or plain stupid. 

Dumb looking animals reveal what can happen when Mother Nature decides that she tried her best and it’s time to move onto something else. Not every piece of art is a masterpiece! Some are rough drafts.


The Sea Sponge Responding to His Own Reflection

This Blobfish in All Its Buffoonery

This Saiga Antelope That Kinda Looks Like a Muppet Reject

White’s Tree Frog Is Lumpy, But Also Satisfied

The Great Potoo Whose Name Is an Accurate Description of Its Face

These Platybelodon Who Could Not Have Had a Good Evolutionary Reason to Look Like This

This Rhino Calf Looks Like a Broken Animatronic Movie Prop

This Spazzed Out Giant Leaf Tailed Gecko Just Chugged a Four Loko

The Snub Nosed Monkey That Definitely Got Off Easy, Name Wise

This Chinese Water Deer Who Looks as Confused as We Are

A Lot of Junk in the Trunk for This Baboon

This Proboscis Monkey and Its Unfortunate X-Rated Nose

This Chameleon Who Just Told a Dad Joke

The Appropriately Named Flat Fish

This Female Purple Frog Who Must Have Swallowed Several Pool Balls

Look at that Ankole Watusi Cattle’s Huge…Horns

This Hammer-Headed Bat Has a Face Only a Mother Could Love

This Baby Echidna Is One Big Walking Buddha Impression

The Star Nosed Mole’s Face Looks Like Something Out of a Horror Movie

The Jacobin Who Prefers Fashion Over Eyesight

This Incredibly Uninspired Northern Elephant Seal

This Tarsier Is Totally Picturing Himself Murdering You in Your Sleep for Calling Him Dumb

This Ridiculous Tube Nosed Bat Looks Way Too Smug

This Tapir Regrets Having a Tongue-Nose

This Sloth and His Knowing Smile

Hillbilly Alpaca Presents a Good Argument for Animal Braces

This Deep Sea Anglerfish That Is Terrfying, But Also Similar to a Black Bean

This Warthog Whose Name Isn’t Helping His Overall Appearance

This Snot Otter Who Dances to His Own Tune

These Alien Little Madmen Known as MudSkippers

These Bears Who Look Like They Are Starting a Rap Battle

This Albatross Chick Is 50 Percent Feet

These Matschie’s Tree Kangaroos Don’t Know That Kangaroos Don’t Belong in Trees

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