35 Bible Tattoo FAILs That You Won’t Believe!

Have you ever considered sharing your faith with the world through a colorful, Christian themed tattoo? Has it ever occurred to you to celebrate your love of Christ with a little ink? If so, don’t do anything until you take this crash course in what not to do when you head to the tattoo parlor! We’ve gathered a hilarious collection of Bible tattoo that’ll show you just how wrong even the saintliest can go. 

Below, we’ve gathered a collection of religious tattoos gone wrong– so wrong that even Christ probably couldn’t resist a cringe. You see, these Bible tattoo fails are here to warn you that although this too shall pass, it may take a few painful sessions of laser removal. While a tattoo proclaiming your ability to do anything through God is lovely, please make sure you include spell check in your journey.

You’ll also pick up a few other helpful hints, such as the importance of asking for samples of your tattoo artist’s work. Can he prove his drawing skills exceed a second grade level? And though there are always exceptions, you’ll also see a few tragic examples of why you may want to stick with classic religious imagery rather than trying to get too modern. Jesus may have looked great in Levi’s in the 80’s, but these days his hip huggers aren’t looking so holy. 

So get ready for some of the worst tattoos the Christian world has to offer! These funny Jesus tattoos are hilarious reminders that religious is a spiritual journey, not a public one.


Gumby Gets Crucified

Lemme Guess? He’ll Be Back

Who You Gonna Call? A Killer Tattoo Cover Artist

“I Gotcha, Bro.”

Too Late

Jesus Remains Skeptical of This Nipple

Raptor Rapture

“Aaaah-chew! Sorry… Where Was I?”

Grateful Jesus Will Play Your Sins Away

Sin: Jesus Decides to Take a More Direct Approach

Creepy Playskool Jesus

Christ Goes Commerical

Miraculous Moob Jesus

Pogo Jesus

Holy Smokes!

Hangover Jesus Overdid the Whole “Water to Wine” Thing

A Simple “Merry Christmas” Would’ve Sufficed

This Is Your Jesus Tattoo on Drugs

Stock Figure Jesus Commands You to Find a Better Tattoo Artist

Palm Sunday, Get It?

Cajun Christ

Voldemort-Style Jesus

Dear God, Please Don’t Let the Pipes Clog Again


More Like “Lord NOSE,” Amirite?

… in Spell Check

A Message Important Enough for Prime Head Placement?

This Tattoo: Another Thing Jesus Wouldn’t Do

Except Spell, Apparently

Cleavage Jesus

Wouldn’t Count on That, Bud

Baller Jesus Got Game

The Macaroni Rosary

Think the Tattoo Artist Answered That One

The Gospel of No