35 Cats Who Could Have Careers as Pin-Up Girls

As you may or may not have noticed, these days pinup (and pretty much everything else that falls under the category of “vintage” for that matter) are all the rage. The average pinup gal embodies a certain level class and the elegance of a time gone by that none among today’s crowd of Photoshopped models could ever hope to mimic. It seems, in fact, that when it comes to the embodiment of grace, beauty, all around purrfection, there’s only one group that’s still around today that just might outrank the average pinup girl in her heyday. That’s right: the cat. Just in case you were tempted to forget their contributions throughout history, lovers worldwide have begun posting epic photos of posing like pin up to refresh the memory of all mankind.
Here you’ll find a hysterical collection of cat pin up girls putting their humans to shame. These are some of the funniest, most random, and all-around best examples of being sexy. Get ready to marvel at these adorable four-legged displays of poise, flexibility, and grace brought to you by a group of kitties who are here to put the cat back in “cat calls.”
The next time you feel like your femininity could use a bit of a tune up, toss out the fashion magazines and purruse the sexy cats below. These pin up girl cats are ready and waiting to demonstrate all the ways that you can be almost as magnificent as they are.

“Behold as My Beauty Soars to New Heights.”

“Fascinating. Plz Tell Me More.”

“Sorry, I Can’t Come to the Phone Right Now. I’m Busy Being Gorgeous.”

“Does This Color Make My Eyes Pop?”

“Oh, Do I Look Gorgeous Today? I Hadn’t Noticed!”

“Oh Hai. You’re Home Early.”

“Shhh. Not While I’m Doing My Pilates.”

“Jazz Hands!”

“Flexibility. I Has It.”

“Grace. Nailing It.”

Yoga: Nailing It.

“A True Artist Must Sometimes be Willing to Suffer for the Sake of Sexy.”

“Is That a Sack of Cat Nip in Your Pocket or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

“Do You Find My Snarly Exotic Face Sexy? Raaaarrr.”

“For the Talent Portion I’ll Be Demonstrating My Masterful Catfish Impression”

“They See Me Rollin’. They Hatin’.”

“This Roof Ain’t Gonna Raise Itself”

“OMG, Knock First!”

“Partial Undress Is for Amateurs”

Marilyn Mon-Meow

“Behold the Glory of My Innate Magnificence!”

“Ahoy There, Matey. You Can Put Your Hands on My Deck Any Time.”

“Hi There Sailor, Wanna Be the Next Wild Beast I Set Out to Tame?”

“I Skate Only on the Pond of My Own Perfection”

“Toe Touches Shiver at the Sound of My Name”

“Rookies Pine Over . Masters Pine Over Themselves.”

“Curves: You’re Doing It Wrong.”

“Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy.”

“Don’t Hate Me Cause I’m Beautiful.”

“Who Needs Water to Make a Splash?”

“I’m Too Sexy for Your Gravity.”

“I Pity the Fools Who Find Themselves Up Against This in the Bikini Category.”

“Hey There Handsome, Are Ya Lookin’ to Score?”

“Saddle Up, Bitchez!”

“Eat Your Heart Out, Little Debbie.”

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