The 35 Funniest Animal GIFs on the Internet

are the best! Especially when you need a good laugh… and when don’t you need a good laugh?! Take a look at these hilarious animal GIFs for endless entertainment. In many ways, we’re a lot like animals, and maybe that’s why we find them so funny. We see ourselves in animals and that is why they make us laugh. The creatures on this list of the funniest animal GIFs are no exception.

Whether you’re a pet owner or just an animal admirer, you have to appreciate the humor of these furry friends. Animals just have a knack for lifting our spirits and making us smile. If you need a good laugh, these funny animal GIFs are sure to do the trick. 

Let the fabulous llama, the majestic sloth, the pancake stealing cat, and the kangaroo who’s totally over it put a smile on your face. Some animals belong on a stage, but for now, we’ll just keep these hilarious furry friends on the internet.