35 Funny Strip Club Names


We’ve searched the cities, boondocks, and back alleys of the world to bring you some of the most horrific exotic dance club names the world of adult entertainment has to offer. Not only should you prepare for a really great laugh and countless terrible puns, but also for the many lessons you’ll learn as you peruse this list of funny strip club name fails. You’ll glean insight into the handful of words that should quite possibly never enter into the conversation when coming up with your business’s new name, such as “fuzzy” and “boobie.” You’ll also get a good look at why using childhood cartoon characters or recycled signage may not be quite as great an idea as it may seem after a six-pack of Miller Lite.

So whether you’re preparing to mount the task of naming your own strip club or just want to teach your younger brother how to spot the strip joint in which his best option is quite possibly to run screaming into the night, we’ve got you covered. That said, buckle up, cowboy!

No Thank You, Not Even if This Is Near an Airport

Imagine the Field Day When Sarah Palin Spies This One from Her Porch!

Please Make Sure You Understand the Implications Here

This Establishment Cares About Its Customers

We Can’t Even with This One Right Now

Oh, We See What You Did There

Oh, Well That’s Clever

We Can Still Hear This Guy’s Drunk Friends Laughing Hysterically

Oh, “R” They?!

Cutting to the Chase = Winning

No, Totally Wasn’t Here with the Intention of Committing Adultery…

No Officer, We’ve Seen No Evidence of Prostitution Here…

We Shudder to Imagine Those Who Would Go to a Place Named This

Owing It = Winning

We Kind of See What You’re Going for Here, but No Thank You

No. Even, and Especially if, It’s True. Just No.

Honesty: Not Always the Best Policy

Fuzzy Is Probably a Word You Wanna Avoid, Actually

A Good Strip Club Name Should Not Evoke Pain and Terror

Who Is This Willie and Why Is He Armed?

Dude, Olive Oyl’s Gonna Be Pissed.

We Don’t Even Know Where to Start Here…

A Drive-In Striptease Doesn’t Actually Sound That Fun

Art’s Attempt to Convince the Girls It Was an Acting Gig Did Not Work out Like He’d Hoped

Somethin’ Just Ain’t Right About That…

Are There Any Women Who Wouldn’t Mind Admitting They Work Here?

For the Amount of Questions This Raises, Maybe We Don’t Really Want Any Answers

Wonder What’s on the Menu?


The Troops Didn’t Take to it Quite as Well as This Owner Hoped They Would

Oh, It’s Clever Because It’s a Pun

Well This Just Can’t Get Any Classier, Can It?

Upon Sobering up, Bob Began to Question Whether His Sign Was a Good Idea

So Are They Famous Butts, or Star-Shaped Butts, or What?

You Can Say That Again

Why It May Not Be the Best Idea to Share Your Sign Space with the Neighboring BBQ Joint